Although it is very difficult to decide which season is the best, this is a list of How I Met Your Mother seasons ranked from not so good to the best. How I Met Your Mother's seen a lot of notable cameos over the years, from Katy Perry to Kal Penn, but there are a whole lot of other Easter eggs hidden with its depths. Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie in a scene from "How I Met Your Mother." This year, How I Met Your Mother officially made the slap bet the centerpiece of its annual celebration. They had to film a lot of reactions for Ted Mosby's kids early in the series that would then air in later seasons, the actress said, and after that some "whisperings" started getting out that the series would end with the mom's death. CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother got a beating this week for a tasteless yellowface kung fu tribute that aired on Monday. Look … Each season of How I Met Your Mother has tons of episodes that the fans don’t forget. How I Met Your Mother premiered 10 years ago this week. After nine seasons, most viewers were so focused on the series's polarizing finale … Ultimately, How I Met Your Mother is a show about love, and during nine seasons, the five main characters experience plenty of ups and downs in their relationships. How I Met Your Mother is arguably one of the most popular sitcoms and remains a fan favorite. One of the things I loved about How I Met Your Mother (at least, at first) was the fact that it portrayed the adult world without super-glamorizing it. We never learn these people's names, and they don't have any real significance to the plot, but they are still loved by audiences far and wide simply because of how their story is told. The How I Met Your Mother complete series DVD collection, "The Complete Story," with extended footage will be released on Sept. 23 from Twentieth Century Fox. One of the most talked about Easter eggs in How I Met Your Mother is the journey of a certain couple. Image: Giphy Actor Josh Radnor was told about the major "HIMYM" finale twist during Season 1 of the show and Hannigan actually found out early as well. There was a running gag on “How I Met Your Mother” that everyone loved. It may have gotten lost in all the meeting-the-mother mythology, catchphrases, slaps and recurring gags, but How I Met Your Mother was an incredibly musically-minded sitcom. As the main character, Ted is … April 1, 2014 — -- "And that kids is how I met you mother," Ted Mosby, … Share This Article Facebook

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