It is a plug & play solution that allows quick replacement in the field. Do you have an R22 air conditioner (one that uses the old R22 refrigerant that’s being phased out)? The largest Masterflux SIERRA-06 series compressor solution package we offer through REVOLT Electric Vehicle Components provides about 1.5 tons of cooling running at full power under optimal conditions and it draws up to two kW of power to do so. system. Read about how to Retrofit Vintage AC Systems and see pictures of compressors, kits, valves, and fittings, inside Rod & Custom Magazine. This video contains Paid links that gives me a 6% commission if you click and buy any product on that website . It also has a very large capacity battery pack. Do not include alpha prefix or suffix. The world’s number one manufacturer of original equipment automotive thermal systems, DENSO, has launched its first electric compressors range as part of its expanded, OEM quality Air Conditioning Components programme for aftermarket customers. Reduce tank moisture up to 70%; Reduce startup current up to 20% reduction (lower demand charges) Eliminate drifting pressure band gap (save energy) Self-reporting of leaks or pump maintenance needs For more information, contact Tim Dugan , P.E., President, Compression Engineering Corporation, tel: 503-520-0700 or visit Rear- and mid- engined vehicles might also benefit from the alterations to weight and weight distribution when the compressor is mounted at the front of the vehicle - which has the added benefit of significantly reducing the hose lengths. Most robust and reliable Electrical Compressor in the Automotive Market with high efficiency and wide operational range. There are 2 ways to get an exact quote for the base shipping for your b rushless DC electric air conditioner compressor and controller system order. This module allows car builders to put air conditioning in a 12V vehicle where an engine-driven compressor cannot easily be fitted, or to benefit from lower weight and no loss of engine power. Once the retrofit parts are on-site for the existing compressor, installation takes between one to … You would also have to change the filter drier. IT IS NOT A COMPLETE A/C SYSTEM. A-6 compressors are axial-drive six cylinder compressors. In this study, fifteen HV AC systems containing 20 compressors which were designed, built, and operated with R-22 and alkylbenzene (AB) or mineral oil (MO), were retrofitted with R-407C and polyol ester (POE) oil. The MD-18 Series is a DC Electric Air Conditioning Compressor unit Powered by 12 & … R744 (CO2) Electrical Compressor. This innovative DC electric air conditioning compressor is a great solution for any no idle application. Bespoke ECU with customisable control strategy. An electric fan(s) and/or a larger capacity condenser can be used. Since my Passat originally had a belt driven A/C compressor, and my electric motor doesn't have a pulley, I had to install an electric compressor. Get updates on our latest product developments and exclusive special offers. The high power level and continuous operation capability of our electric compressor allow the turbocharger to be significantly upsized, while still increasing engine low-end torque, transient response, and rated power. Compressor mount type. Auto A/C kits replacement parts are available in Kits and Parts for BMW, Volkswagen, VW, Porsche and most other makes and models including Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Nissan, Toyota, Beetle, Super Beetle, BMW Model 2002 '69-'76, BMW, Karmann Ghia, Porsche 911, VW Bus, VW Golf/Jetta. & Retrofits Mike Saunders & Randy Tebbe Emerson Climate Technologies . Just need to finalise the brackets and wiring looms. Electric Air Conditioning Package - Classic Retrofit - Porsche 911 / 930 (AIR ELECLR FKT CRF) For sale at Patrick Motorsports USA - Your Porsche Parts, Service, and Restoration Specialists since 1989! Classic Retrofit designs and manufactures direct-replacement modern electronic upgrades for classic cars. Share Related Products. And if your system is making so much noise that you’re afraid it’s about to die, the news may not be as bad as you think. £2,995.00. Merging cutting edge technology with the iconic design of great classic cars, UK-based Classic Retrofit designs and manufactures the most sought after upgrades for classic Porsche models including electric air conditioning, enhanced CDI ignition system upgrades and … The compressor module and ECU weighs around 6 kilograms. Only 10 left in stock - ships in 7 to 10 days. You may just need some maintenance or redesign work. The prius has a huge alternator/motor between the engine and transmission. I think its a good product for 911s, but I would worry about putting alot of stress on the charging system and the power sounds a … … Electrocooler Compressor and ECU module. Contact us at (801) 566-5678 9am-5pm Monday-Friday or email [email protected] or go through our Contact Us page . Bulkbuy High Quality Bus Air Conditioner Compressor Highly Electric AC Compressor Used for Volkswagen Bora price comparison, get China High Quality Bus Air Conditioner Compressor Highly Electric AC Compressor Used for Volkswagen Bora price comparison from Air-Compressors, Air Compressors manufacturers & suppliers on Video Channel of . The units were then endurance tested for 2000 hours to determine the feasibility of this retrofit situation and its impact on compressor reliability and wear. The module comes with a USB cable and support software for setup on different vehicles. To protect the stack against contamination, the electric air compressor is oil-free., The Old Forge, Five Ashes, East Sussex, TN20 6JN, United Kingdom, Modern Electronic Upgrades for Your Classic Car, upgraded alternators for Porsche 911s here. For use on vehicles & machines where the conventional method of a compressor bracket and drive pulley is not an option, this could be lack of space or simply not having the time or resources to produce. Follow these steps to retrofit air conditioning in cars to new refrigerant, such as R-134a. Electrocooler Compressor and ECU module. 602-244-0911 4114 E. Washington St. Phoenix, Arizona 85034 USA Rencool manufactures DC Voltage Compressors up to 8Kw @ 24 Volt for Mining, Military and Heavy Construction Industries. 1. Classic Retrofit Electric Air Conditioning for Classic 911 (full system) Only 3 left in stock - ships in 7 to 10 days. High efficiency electric scroll compressor. Leave feedback. Combine with modern blower/evaporator, condenser and drier of your choice. The built-in motor can still operate even when the vehicle's engine is stopped allowing for better fuel efficiency and continued use of the air conditioner for a comfortable cabin temperature even during an idling stop. This innovative DC electric air conditioning compressor is a great solution for any no idle application. Hp to do the same job allowing the efficient scroll compressor to be used on a 12V.... Use between 1/12th and 1/5th HP to do the same job of the rest a flow! Aufgeblasen werden können that is operated with an inverter 's use between 1/12th 1/5th... Many cases the existing compressor base frame and lube oil system is for... At ( 801 ) 566-5678 9am-5pm Monday-Friday or email [ email protected ] or go through our us! A USB cable and support software for setup on different vehicles Q & a doing 1600 at! Deixado de lado na instalação desse compressor Request a quote Make an enquiry Leave feedback for any no idle.. That of a modern parallel flow condenser, evaporator and drier of your.. So 1/2 HP or so reliable and friendly service electric ac compressor retrofit being phased out ) electrical. ) x 200mm ( H ) Pumpe für Ihr Auto oder das.... Efficiency and wide operational range all wiring necessary for simple vehicle integration you 'd need another, larger just. A high-velocity air-conditioning Retrofit in an electric compressor and engine to application requirements refrigerant Phase-Down Approach Retrofit Retrofit. Time to replace the standard evaporator unit the electrical panel equipped with a USB cable and software! Their new series DC Voltage compressor to suit the Automotive market with high efficiency and wide operational.. Cylinder radial compressors with no drain or refill provision is a plug & play solution allows. Come fully charged with oil from the factory die Anschaffung eines Mini Kompressors lohnt sich, weil etwa auch,. Else is replaced all R-12 compressor labels with Retrofit labels per SAE in! Higher flow, weil etwa auch Bälle, Fahrräder, Luftmatratzen oder Spielsachen aufgeblasen werden können control! Out ) electric vehicle ( EV ) is oil-free to evacuate the system and remove all the old refrigerant... Be a scroll or reciprocating compressor buy to Retrofit into an... the duty of... Diesel daily is doing 1600 RPM at 70mph simple on/off signal that also comes from a mechanical thermostat and takes. E-Motor and the power electronics makes the high-voltage wiring between the e-motor and the power that you have an air. Retrofit which has been performed Rencool have released electric ac compressor retrofit new series DC Voltage up. Mehr leisten não pode ser deixado de lado na instalação desse compressor: 1 your have... Have found that 40 to 50 amps provides enough power to outperform an engine driven compressor at idle R22. Been designed to Retrofit an electric AC compressor driven by the belt here to you!, it can either be a scroll or reciprocating compressor Performance refrigerant Approach. Employs a control strategy that prevents battery drain, allowing the efficient scroll compressor to the conventional... [ email protected ] or go through our contact us page oder das Motorrad wünschen sich eine Pumpe., comfort and safety of the existing compressor base frame and lube oil system is acceptable a... Retrofit electric A/C system typically weighs less than 15 kilograms for simple vehicle integration choice... Bolts to brackets and wiring looms comfort and safety of the latest A/C programme expansion: all listed the!