Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Muscadet and Picpoul are great shouts there! I’d pick a recent vintage though rather than a mature one, a premier cru if you’re treating yourself to natives (below), whose season starts on Septmber 1st. More tannins, more mouthfeel, and a longer finish; so… It’s definitely worth experimenting. Aside from pairing with good friends and a warm sunny day this pretty-in-pink wine would also match well with grilled seafood or a spicy Asian dish.” I'd also contest the point about lemon and muscadet tbh. While these can be tough to drink on their own, especially when being tasted alongside the other Champagnes that had the traditional 8 grams of sweetness added per litre, when you try them with an oyster; va-voom! Personally I’m in favour of no seasoning at all, letting the wine do the job of a squeeze of lemon but conversely adding lemon can make richer chardonnays and champagnes work better if those are the wines you’d rather drink. Freshly Shucked Oysters. Don’t worry – I haven’t gone all highbrow. Responsive website development by fuzzylime, that don't have any dosage (sugar and wine solution) added to them before bottling work best though lighter styles of regular non-vintage Champagne such as, will do a perfectly good job. Will have to check the budgets, Reblogged to Forfoodandfamily Planning a Wine and Oyster tasting as a result of this post – Thanks , I like pint grigio and enjoy German wine which starts with a Ger… sorry I am not at home but there is a “w” in the middle and spell check is worthless in this instance# , It just so happens that my hometown is known for oysters. If you had to name an Australian oyster, Coffin Bay in South Australia is probably the one that jumps to mind. A dry Bordeaux blanc with Arcachon Oysters at the Chartrons market in Bordeaux is a match made in heaven. NV Bodegas Valdespino Fino Inocente pairs the best with oysters. Sparkling wine, whether it's from California, France, Spain, or Italy, is … You don’t always have to spend a fortune to buy these wines, there are always low cost, entry level versions at most good liquor outlets. Which one you choose will obviously depend on which drink you like best - there’s no point in serving Guinness if you hate the stuff - and how the oysters are served. A good bet for those who prefer to drink beer but don’t like stout. Incidentally if you're an oyster fan the seafood restaurant Wright Bros holds Oyster Masterclasses in London. I’ve never had wine with oysters supplementing the condiment for a great acidic wine. The vendor opens your order right before your eyes hands you the plate and a glass of Muscadet and you stand there with other Bruxellois ingesting heaven. White wine, sparkling or still, is the classic pairing with oysters. Guinness and other stouts It’s mainly a colour and texture thing. To confirm my oyster matching prowess, I went along to top Sydney seafood restaurant, Manta at Woolloomooloo Wharf. At Merivale's upscale brasserie Bert's, at The Newport on Sydney's northern beaches, chef Sam Kane offers Appellation to the exclusion of all other oysters. Chardonnay Not great, in my view, with raw oysters but very nice with cooked ones, particularly in a creamy sauce or chowder. Perfect Pairings: Wine and Oysters Posted on January 12, 2013 . Now, he has taken his obsession with all things Gallic a step further, producing Australia's first commercial crop of Piquepoul, a wine variety traditionally grown in the south of France as a match for oysters. Ultra dry champagnes like Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut and Drappier Brut Nature that don't have any dosage (sugar and wine solution) added to them before bottling work best though lighter styles of regular non-vintage Champagne such as Taittinger will do a perfectly good job. Check out our new blog below ... Hunter semillon is at the top of my list. And I agree - no lemon needed, Muscadet sur Lie has been my go-to wine with oysters since my very 1st visit to Brittany in ..... more years than I care to remember. So with this knowledge, I give you my ultimate guide to matching oysters and wine! Dry wines always go well with oysters especially if it is well-fried. Again keep the wine young and unoaked. Fill your belly and your brain with some take-home culinary wisdom so you can recreate the best of Aussie seafood culture back home. How dare you!!! You mean that isn’t breaking news? Chardonnay is one of the best white wines you can find in Australia. Today, we lean towards an Australian red wine that is a bit more muscular than your typical Pinot. He's as passionate about oysters as any man. It has a bit of biscuit flavor with a crispy taste. It also makes quite a difference how you season them. Talk shop and grab some insider secrets with all the local vendors before learning to prepare your own Sydney Fish Market seafood dishes with live, hands-on interactive classes. Sauvignon Blanc This is what they would drink round Bordeaux, also an oyster-producing area and it works elsewhere too, particularly when oysters are served, as they often are Down Under, with Asian flavours. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Stillwater's Stateside Saison would be a bold choice that would take the natural flavor of the oysters and really magnify them due to the fruitiness of the beer. What a great experience, and one I recommend everyone try. Spanish wines are among the best values in wine today, even though Spain's greatest wines can cost hundreds of dollars. Join Conrad and Drew's journey as they fight through the jargon in search of a good glass of wine. We’ve got a Vermentino di Sadegna on our wine list that would be a good oyster partner as well. I prefer to eat my oysters au-naturale; letting the wine’s tangy flavour be the adequate zest. This is perfect for those who cannot afford high price varietals for oysters. We have sensory lift off! The crisp fizziness of Champagne marries nicely with the flavor of most oysters—it cuts through the richness and enhances the subtler flavors. Enjoy the finest French, Italian, and American wines, in addition to award-winning wines from Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal and South Africa. When we were teenagers, we would go to the beach at night with a bushel of oysters and a keg of beer. However, if you want to go out on a limb you could pair the raw oysters with something that would truly accentuate the briny seafood aspect. What is the difference between a sweet white wine and a dry white wine? This wine region started growing rapidly in the 1970s, which is slightly later than other Australia’s wine regions. When you think of Margaret River, think of the finest examples of Cabernet Sauvignon outside of Bordeaux. This pairing is particularly agreeable when the oysters and … Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These unoaked Sauvignon Blanc wines of France’s Loire Valley are a product of the region’s chalk soils, which provide the wine’s famed minerality. Many reds are simply... 3. Oysters grown here are becoming world-renowned. If you found this post useful and were happy to get the advice for free perhaps you'd think about donating towards the running costs of the site? There are actually fossilised oyster shells in the soil of the Chablis region so it’s maybe not … To confirm my oyster matching prowess, I went along to top Sydney seafood restaurant, Manta at Woolloomooloo Wharf. Both Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé go well with oysters; these wines tend to help pull the complex flavors of just-shucked oysters. The unoaked, steely-mineral nature of this cool climate Chardonnay is a perfect match. What to drink? For the most part, you’re bound to enjoy both, no matter what you’re eating or drinking. Look for well-known Italian regions such as Lombardy, the Veneto, Friuli, Trentino, and Alto Adige. Oyster and Wine Pairings: Not Just Champagne 1. The Margaret River region, Western Australia. Author photography by Kirstie Young Pictured: It’s an Oyster Fest this month at Sydney seafood restaurant, Manta. So don’t let it stop you from eating some delicious oysters! Muscadet. Thinking we may need to have a family Oyster and Wine evening – maybe in April??? . Trust me with this one guys – I’m the son of an oyster farmer! Chardonnay There aren’t many food and wine combinations better than freshly shucked oysters and crisp, unoaked white wine. Such a great low cost alternative, with its fresh and clean flavour profile. Chablis There are actually fossilised oyster shells in the soil of the Chablis region so it’s maybe not too fanciful to say that’s why it hits just exactly the right note. Posted by Fiona Beckett on September 14 2019 at 08:15. Now that we're back into months with an 'r' in them it's time to enjoy oysters again. ... With a rich foie gras accompaniment it might even go with a shiraz as I discovered to my surprise at a Wine Australia tasting a couple of years ago. Richard Cornish samples three of the best Australian oysters from the NSW South Coast, Tasmania and Coffin Bay, South Australia. Can you tell me your favorite Chardonnay at that price? Some oysters are infected with toxic bacteria, and that is a risk. My favourite oyster /wine / location combination is the outdoor oyster bar in the Place Ste Catherine. Even though it’s the same grape variety, the slippery textured, fuller flavoured Pinot Gris does not enjoy the same oyster matching capabilities. Expect flinty, citrus and spicy notes. Also in this category of bone-dry whites comes Picpoul de Pinet from the south of France, Pinot Grigio from Italy and Albariño from Galicia in northern Spain. White Wine & Seafood. When you do this, the wine takes the place of a lemon squeeze. ( Log Out /  The best wine pairings with venison. Steve Feletti's Moonlight Flat oysters, grown in the Clyde River estuary at Batemans Bay in southern New South Wales, are found in many of Australia's best restaurants, from Cutler & Co in Melbourne to The Boathouse on Blackwater Bay in Sydney. Apart from producing this very linear wine with great acid, the region is also renowned for supplying the world’s best seafood due to the cool water currents from the north colliding with the warm currents from the south. White wine and oysters is a classic pairing, unfortunately, so many people are turned off by oysters. d’Arenberg Cube in McLaren Vale is known for its delicious dishes and bizarre architecture, while Hentley Farm in the Barossa Valley offers regional ingredients with a side of vineyard views. The added zestiness of Sauvignon also helps with strong seasonings like shallot and red wine vinegar or Tabasco. In it, like a doctor of gastronomy, Fisher prescribes very dry white wine — a French Chablis, Pouilly Fuissé, or Champagne — as the “safest” match for oysters, especially when the two are served at the same chilly temperatures. Top Wine Pick for Lobster . Unusually there’s more than one outstanding match plus some good alternatives you may not have thought of. I'm very partial to a dry Riesling, especially those from Australia's Eden Valley with oysters natural. Head sommelier Christian Denier brought out a selection of wines from the above categories. If you like stout this match is sublime. Pairing Wine with Oysters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Among Canada's best-known oysters, malpeques are tender with a balance of sweet and briny flavors. ( Log Out /  Champagne (and dry sparkling wine) Here it’s the bubbles that provide the magic, the perfect textural contrast to the smooth velvety texture of the oysters. So these are my top picks – you’ll notice there’s a lot of cool climate, old world wines being put forward. Have you guys ever found a red wine that would match with oysters? Choose a lightly oaked, creamy style such as you find in Burgundy, Limoux in southern France or cool climate regions of the New World. What white wine pairs well with seafood? Oysters – they are so amazingly decadent, what with their briny taste of the ocean and heavenly creaminess. The best wines come from the Sèvre-et-Maine region and are labelled ‘sur lie’ (the wine is aged on the lees, the residue of the yeast used to ferment the wine which gives it more flavour). Nicely crafted article and one that’s sure to make me abandon the Tabasco/shallot vinegar/lemon condiments in favour of one of these wines with the oysters au naturel. Cooked oysters are generally rather more forgiving than raw ones. Because of their briny toughness, East Coast oysters, like Bluepoints, Malpeques, and Duxbury go well with light-bodied wines with a bit of acidity, such Riesling, Prosecco, and Vinho Verde. Sign up for the latest news, offers and ideas: Website design by Miller Design View pages/The-Wine-Wankers/147481812118909?ref=hl’s profile on Facebook. Maybe this is was meant to refer to American chardonnay? You can find out how to do it here or to subscribe to our regular newsletter click here. Here’s The Wine Wankers’ top 12! There are many good red wine brands making ripping Pinots in Australia, and they can be made in so many marvellous ways. Chablis. If you get your wine pairing wrong – and all those delicate flavours will be smothered by the wine, or worse, will make your wine taste metallic! Pairing wine with fish and seafood doesn’t have to be complicated. We’d top them with a squeeze of lemon and would always have horseradish and ketchup mix to add as a sauce. I prefer these wines because  they tend to be less fruity than their new world counterparts, and have a beautiful natural acid structure. Guitars & a bonfire while drinking cold beer and raw oysters. And the saltiness of the oysters counteracts the bitterness of the beer. This year Windowrie Wines, near Cowra in New South Wales, produced about 5,500 litres of Piquepoul under contract for Mr Feletti. Most people don’t think to pair oysters with red wines, and for largely good reason. Muscadet. Also found in Australia — though not as common or as in large of volumes as the other oysters — are the Angasi Oyster, the Milky Oyster, and the Blacktip Oyster. When I visited the Champagne region last year, I noticed a real trend for some ‘Grower Champagne’ to have zero or very little dosage (the sugary sweetness added to the bottle after the wine has finished its secondary fermentation). Head sommelier Christian Denier brought out a selection of wines from the above categories. Drinks Delivered says: “Made from certified Shiraz grapes near Paringa in South Australia, this delicate pink wine has strawberries, blueberries and watermelon aromas leaping from the glass. Muscadet is considered to be a classic pairing for oysters in any state. I also love the way the locals serve red Bordeaux with oysters when they serve them with those little sausages or crépinettes. Whether it’s Hunter Valley Semillon, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River Sem Sav Blanc, Italian Pinot Grigio or Clare Valley Riesling, the combination of the two is out of this world.. That proves, Centuries of drinking the local wine with the region’s food has definitely paid off. Venture into one of South Australia’s wine regions to find top-notch restaurants paired with world-class wine. Top Wines to Drink with Seafood. As a general rule, the best food and wine pairing is a wine you enjoy and a food that you love. The number one wine to pair with lobster is hands-down Chardonnay.Consider the palate profile of most international Chardonnay wines whether they are from Burgundy or California, Chile or Australia—Chardonnay often highlights its own innate citrus nuances both in the aromatic components and in flavor. Probably best when young with oysters. Very dry Champagne and other sparkling wines. Champagne, Prosecco, Cava. See also this Match of the Week: Oysters and Tasmanian fizz Muscadet and other crisp, dry whites The cut price option, clean-as-a-whistle Muscadet acts just like a squeeze of lemon - so don’t add lemon too. The most classic pairing with oysters is—of course—Champagne. Kasteel Cru This unusual lager made in Alsace from champagne yeasts works much the same way as Champagne. ( Log Out /  The wines are said to be slightly fuller flavoured with more pronounced varietal character than their next door neighbour in the Loire, Pouilly-Fumé, which also specialises in 100% Sauvignon Blanc. It is made from Melon de Bourgogne grapes. We all know the freshness of an oyster is vitally important; but did you also know the oyster’s condiment is also vitally important when it comes to wine matching. Zweigelt. I just don’t get it. Oh, I agree! Coffin Bay, South Australia. Some unfortunate confusion about styles, regions and grapes here. Best when fresh and young. Arguably the most famous wine region in Oz, Barossa Valley was settled by German Lutherans in … I’ve also been drinking wine from a very early age too (what age??