Andi tries to convince her friends to find a new hangout spot to avoid Amber at The Spoon. Andi decorates her shack with numerous paper cranes, hoping Celia and Ham will notice and change their mind about selling the house. On the other hand, Celia is having a change of heart about Bowie after he cooks one of her mother's recipes. While talking with Celia, Andi springs a deal of coming over to the house more often, news which delights Celia to the point of allowing Andi to choose her breakfast or dance to loud music. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cyrus encourages Jonah to talk to Andi, but when it appears Jonah will have a chance to do so in the school hallway, he notices Andi's excitement about Bowie's return instead. Bowie uncovers the ring that Andi and Bex hid in the cake, but when he inquires about it, both Andi and Bex reply, "um...". Just as Bex is ready to propose to Bowie, one of his band mates asks him to return to The Renaissance Boys for their six-month international tour. Andi continues to be upset that Bex let Bowie go, but when finding something to eat, she rediscovers that picture which Bex tore up, making her even more upset. The series stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom, and Trent Garrett.It follows 13-year-old Andi Mack and her best friends, Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll, as they attend middle school. Meanwhile, Jonah tries to find the right gift for Andi, who does appreciate his thinking of her but is unimpressed by the gifts he comes up with. Jonah also contributes to it, adding a basketball signed by Buffy's teammates, as well as her team jersey. Cyrus prepares for his bar mitzvah and has Jonah look over his wardrobe of suits. Meanwhile, Bowie makes the most of his day with Andi, but when she worries about Jonah, Bowie drives her back to school. When she later receives texts to see him at his school locker, Andi rushes to meet him but also confronts Amber, who actually texted her from Jonah's phone and makes her out to be a liar. Later, when Cyrus and Buffy keep harping about the secret baby, Andi reveals to them that she is the secret baby while also telling them that Amber is wearing the bracelet she gave to Jonah. Meanwhile, Buffy's right foot is getting worse with time. Bowie comes over to Andi and Bex's apartment with a pizza and, with Andi's help, finally asks Bex to marry him. When Andi talks to Bowie, she realizes his feelings for Bex have changed little over the years, but Bowie agrees with what Bex told Andi. Andi, Buffy, Cyrus and Jonah read about Mint Chip, a clothing company that has been burning clothes worth millions of dollars every year to avoid diluting their brand. Meanwhile, Cyrus wonders where he stands with Iris, thinking their relationship is over. Cyrus eventually tells Jonah that he is gay, mixing it into the conversation about the food. While unable to play in the Spikes' final game of the season, she still prepares her players for the game, as the team's captain, despite their lack of confidence. That prompts Andi to take a look as well and to talk with Bowie afterward, only to find him gone. Invitations from a secret society at school cause tension between Andi and her friends; Bex and Celia search for the perfect wedding dress. Bex shares a box of her memories with Andi, though before she does, Celia warns her about the secrets inside, which she wants to keep from Andi. Meanwhile, Andi gets a surprise phone call from someone not on her contacts list and finds out it is Walker. When they finally reach their destination, and see Cyrus and Buffy already there, Bex confesses she made up the whole story about the chef and the meal, but reveals a bigger surprise. Buffy gets into trouble at school over her curly hair and is told by the vice principal to change it. Cyrus starts avoiding TJ when he notices TJ spending too much time with Kira. Andi Mack Created and executive produced by acclaimed writer Terri Minsky ("Lizzie McGuire"), "Andi Mack" is a contemporary, coming-of-age story about a relatable girl who's trying to determine where she fits in and the many amazing ways she can live her life. That leads Bowie to break up with Miranda, as he can no longer trust her—and to apologize to Andi for not believing her. Following the party, Jonah reveals to Andi that he broke up with Amber for good, though Andi had some idea prior to the party when he returned the bracelet she made for him. Andi creates an art project to combat stereotypes; Bowie reveals his true feelings about the wedding; Jonah and Amber are not on the same page with their relationship. Andi runs into Walker at an art fair, and he meets Jonah for the first time. Walker surprises Andi at The Spoon and also meets Cyrus and Buffy, drawing a picture of the three as Buffy's going-away gift. Bex is shocked that Ham informed Andi's father about Andi, but Ham made it clear that he needed to know and Andi needs to know about him. Meanwhile, Bowie runs into Miranda and Morgan again. Andi is excited about the color factory coming to town, and Buffy thinks Walker will enjoy the event. It turns sour when Amber wants to know who Andi's real father is and asks Andi to reveal him to the guests, causing Andi to retreat to Andi Shack. my shows | like | set your list Andi Mack (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Last updated: Sun, 31 May 2020 -1:00. When they talk about Jonah, though, Andi tells Libby not to let her stand in the way of dating him. Andi and Bex discover that Bowie may be seeing someone and Andi asks to meet her. While Andi anxiously awaits Jonah's return from Ultimate camp, she learns about Buffy becoming involved with Walker. Andi ends up finding another dress that both Bex and Celia agree is the one. In disciplining Andi about her wrong decision, Bowie discovers he is truly becoming a parent. Jonah asks Andi on their first true date there, and they spend it at a place with a bunch of trampolines. Later, Andi is also tapped, but both she and Cyrus stay quiet about the club in front of Buffy. Andi continues to worry and feels Jonah is avoiding her when she later gets no response to her texts. When Ham finds out the true reason Andi has been spending more time at the house, he wonders why Celia did not fill him in, but when Bex comes up with a better idea to save Andi Shack, and Celia and Ham explain their plans of seeing the world, Andi begins to accept that selling the house may not be a bad idea. Buffy and Marty try a normal, banter-free conversation and struggle with it, but Buffy eventually reveals she really likes him. Bowie attempts to teach a musical hopeful named Shaun, discovering he is no prodigy like Jonah. Celia even invites Andi to a tape tunnel exhibit which has her missing school and worrying Bex. Andi and Bex plan a special dinner for Bowie, but unexpected company drops in to crash the party. While hanging with Andi in her shack, Cyrus and Buffy come across the picture of Bex with the newborn Andi, concluding Bex has a "secret baby" but not knowing that baby is Andi. Meanwhile, Cyrus decides to shoot a movie with Bex's encouragement. Andi, Buffy and Cyrus worry about Jonah's unusual behavior; Miranda tries to cause problems for Bowie and Bex./. Buffy continues to have difficulty improving the girls' basketball team but sees a new girl at school who may help named Kira. Meanwhile, Bowie works on discussing Miranda with both Andi and Bex. Cyrus tries to tell Iris that he does not have any romantic feelings for her, with Iris figuring out he does not like her like a girlfriend; the two agree to just be friends. There, Andi meets Amber who admits her frustrations with Jonah because she actually loves him. Jonah joins Andi, Cyrus and Buffy on their annual trip to the Renaissance Faire. While running track, Buffy meets a familiar face from Andi's party, Marty, who informs her that she is the fastest female runner at school. Andi becomes friends with Jonah's new girlfriend; Buffy is excited to learn the girls’ basketball team has a talented player; Cyrus tries to keep avoiding TJ. Bex wants to avoid telling Celia about the wedding until after her birthday. Despite his new relationship, he tells Andi, in writing he jotted down on a napkin during the party, that he could live without the "universe", but not her. TJ tells Cyrus that he and Kira are just friends. It ran for three seasons, with the series finale airing on July 26, 2019. After seeing Mrs. Devlin is the librarian at Andi's school, and recalling that has not changed since she went there, Bex encourages Andi into watching scary movies, which Celia has kept Andi from experiencing. It is the first series on Disney Channel to feature a gay main character, Cyrus Goodman, a distinction that has drawn considerable media attention and was reported in the news as "history". Bex and Celia tell Andi completely different versions of the story behind that day. Celia makes out the wedding invitations, and Bex is about to mail them, but she becomes insecure about getting married after comments from both Miranda and a mailman she confronts. Andi and her friends and family gather to celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, but Jonah's mishap may spoil the evening; Celia attempts to one-up her sister, Mei, by announcing a special event; Andi and Jonah have a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship. Bex tells Andi the next day that she is going to propose to Bowie. Although Jonah says nothing is going on, Buffy warns him not to hurt Andi, causing him to leave the diner. Having warned Andi before about Amber by comparing her to a snake in one story, Buffy relays another story to Andi about a frog and a scorpion, and compares Amber to the scorpion—leading to the term "snorpion". Buffy ends up winning the match against TJ and announces that she is founding the school's first-ever girls' basketball team. Andi gives Jonah back the bracelet and gets serious about being with him. Guest stars: Emily Skinner as Amber, Luke Mullen as TJ, Garren Stitt as Marty, Raquel Justice as Kira. As Jonah and his family prepare to move into their new apartment, Cyrus and Buffy help him transport furniture, crates and other stuff. Meanwhile, Ham is upset after finding out from Bex that Celia bought The Fringe, which leads Celia to opt out of the purchase. Now that Bowie is back home, he and Bex both pop the question to each other and accept each other's proposal. Sofia Wylie Buffy Driscoll 25 episodes. When Bex finds the right one, she realizes that Andi is not there to see and holds off on buying it, deciding to show it to her later. While Cyrus is somewhat happy about seeing Andi and Jonah together again, he reveals to Buffy that he is also unhappy because he has romantic feelings for Jonah. The following contains spoilers about the “Andi Mack” series finale. When Andi, Cyrus and Jonah go to Buffy's house that night to surprise her with the time capsule, they discover the Driscolls have already left, without a goodbye. Andi receives supportive comments from Jonah and other students at her school, while Celia has an even harder time coping with the relationship change after her neighbor calls her "grandma", which leads her and Ham to take time away from home. Buffy is frustrated when the basketball team captain TJ excludes her from gameplay. A contemporary coming-of-age story about a girl who's trying to determine where she fits in. Buffy is the most disturbed about what she finds out and hopes it will not come true, about her mother being deployed again. Andi and Bex struggle with adjusting to their new home, and problems with the electricity and appliances are making matters worse. Bex and Celia prepare for the grand opening of their business. The next morning, Andi asks Bex how the evening went and hopes the two will get back together, but Bex tells Andi it is unlikely because Bowie's unpredictability makes him inclined not to stay in one place. When Andi figures out that her group has luxuries while Jonah's group struggles over what they are dealt, she decides to switch groups and encourages the rest in her group to do the same, despite Dr. Metcalf's order for the two groups to stay separate. Jonah Beck turns to Andi after Amber fails to defend him to her friends; Andi is convinced Bex and Bowie are destined to be together. Meanwhile, Amber helps Cyrus with his dance choreography, while Bowie seeks Andi and Bex's opinion on their family name. Bex and Bowie later have a serious talk at the place the two were last together before their split, with Bowie wanting to be in Andi and Bex's lives more; Bex assures him that he is already a part of their lives. Guest stars: Stoney Westmoreland as Ham, Emily Skinner as Amber, Molly Jackson as Iris. While Andi enjoys spending time with Walker, she also thinks about Jonah, who later invites her, as well as Cyrus and Buffy, to the open mic night. Guest stars: Emily Skinner as Amber, Trent Garrett as Bowie, Garren Stitt as Marty, CJ Strong as Kip. Andi learns about a life-changing opportunity; Cyrus counsels Amber about her relationship with Jonah; Buffy has an awkward meeting with Marty’s ex. In their absence, Bex persuades Andi to have her first party at the house. Though Andi apologizes to Morgan, she is convinced that Miranda is not right for Bowie. Despite this, Bex encourages Bowie to come to the party for Andi's sake. When Jonah sees Andi wearing the shoes, he becomes upset, aware they came from Walker without her mentioning him by name. The 10-episode half-hour comedy follows Kameāloha as she juggles a budding medical career and life as a teenager. No Tomatometer score yet... 2017, Disney Channel, 28 episodes ... News & Interviews for Andi Mack. "Andi Mack Season 2 (Putlocker HD) 47:29. Guest stars: Stoney Westmoreland as Ham, Emily Skinner as Amber, Anson Bagley as Gus. After Principal Metcalf announces Costume Day at school with only two days' notice, Andi and her friends scramble to get a costume ready, deciding on a Mount Rushmore motif. At her basketball game, Buffy finally gets what she has been hoping for. The series stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom, and Trent Garrett. She retaliates by taking Marty's shoes and inflicting water damage on them. Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows 2020. Andi, Buffy and Cyrus try to make the most of their time together by attempting to recreate their “perfect day.” Bowie teaches Jonah how to play the guitar. After Andi questions Bex about the identify of the man in the photo she found, Bex is hesitant and continues avoiding discussion about Andi's father. With track season over, Buffy decides to try out for basketball, but with no girls' team at Jefferson Middle School, she signs up for the boys' team. With Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel. He records a video with them in it and asks Andi about the boy she keeps talking about, but she feels uncomfortable about her father being around her all the time. Later, while seeing Bex asleep, Bowie tells her he loves her, unaware that she hears him. Meanwhile, Bowie is faced with giving Shaun another guitar lesson, questioning whether he can teach anybody other than Jonah. Andi, Cyrus and Buffy try another hangout place to avoid Amber at The Spoon. Andi and Cyrus work on building the capsule anyway, hoping Buffy will see it before she leaves the next morning. Andi Mack is a contemporary, coming-of-age story about a relatable girl who’s trying to determine where she fits in and the many amazing ways she can live her life. Andi is contemplative and artistic and sheltered by overprotective parents. With Andi out on her date with Jonah, Bex and Bowie spend time together, rekindling their relationship. Guest stars: Emily Skinner as Amber, Luke Mullen as TJ, Anson Bagley as Gus, Yasmeen Fletcher as Kaitlin. Meanwhile, The Fringe suddenly picks up multiple positive reviews, all of which Bex discovers her mother is behind, as well as negative ones against the competition. As Bex starts talking to Andi, Cyrus warns them that Celia and Ham have returned, and the partygoers are told to leave. When the power goes out in Shadyside, a day of fun and games shed light on unexpected revelations. One thing Cyrus regrets not telling his grandmother is about his coming out, and he feels it is time to tell Jonah. Guest stars: Emily Skinner as Amber, Felice Heather Monteith as Mrs. Frankel. Buffy tries out for the boys' basketball team. They also notice that he changes his mind when Amber steps in. Right after, they learn about Andi and her friends' arrest. After the party, Jonah comes over to Andi's place and despite his opposition to labels, he asks her if she will be his girlfriend, to which she replies, "um...". Buffy starts the girls' basketball team but struggles as its captain. But on the eve of her 13th birthday, Andi's free-spirited older sister Bex returns home with a revelation that changes everything and sends Andi on an uncharted course of self-discovery. The news comes as a shock to Andi, who finds out he is leaving the next day. The Jefferson Middle School girls basketball team gets set for their first game, but they are in jeopardy of forfeiting because only four players are present. That leads Buffy to reveal that she has romantic feelings for someone; when she wants to keep it from Andi, Cyrus immediately believes it is Jonah. When she discovers TJ told his math teacher about his disability, she becomes more suspicious about Cyrus' motives. Meanwhile, Buffy joins Marty for a marathon despite having no training. That evening, Andi watches a movie called Shhh!, with Bex there in case she gets too scared, though Bex ends up falling asleep. Andi finds out detention is held in the library with Mrs. Devlin, whose "shhh" to quiet her winds up re-triggering her frightened state from the movie. Cyrus and Buffy eventually show up to help, but their continued fighting about their friendship threatens the fundraiser. Andi and Jonah go on a double date with Buffy and Marty to an arcade. When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. Bowie is excited to know his daughter Andi by spending the day with her, but Celia reminds them it is a school day. Cyrus and TJ talk and discover they have romantic feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Buffy and Jonah learn that their principal, Dr. Metcalf, has tattoos, causing them to think differently about him. After the wedding, Andi notices a voicemail on her phone from SAVA. The three later try to get to the slide by police escort, which gets cut short. Andi and Celia do some tasting of wedding cakes for Bex, but they cannot agree on a single cake, forcing Bex to pick between the two they chose. Andi invites Jonah to her Chinese New Year celebration, which gets awkward when Celia's sister Aunt Mei visits. She says the words "I love you" twice more during their go-carting adventure, but Jonah apparently misinterprets her with the surrounding noise. She starts spending time with Walker, a caricature artist at the party who gives her a beautiful picture he has drawn of her. While hanging out with T.J.’s friends, Cyrus faces a dangerous situation. Why did ‘Andi Mack’ end? Meanwhile, Cyrus notices Amber with one of his therapist parents for counseling, and while he promises to honor the doctor-patient confidentiality, Amber tests him to ensure she can trust him not to reveal any of her secrets. After hearing about the soon-to-be newlyweds, Mei shares news that her daughter Ling is expecting twins, irritating Celia in the process. He recalls the night Andi and Bex surprised him with the ring, two months earlier, with Bex deciding to put off the marriage proposal until after his tour. Here are a few examples.Season 1 13: Bex reveals to Andi that she was actually her mother, rather than her older sister, like she previously thought. It follows 13-year-old Andi Mack and her best friends, Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll, as they attend middle school. After having some time to think about Bowie's proposal, Bex reveals to Andi that she is not going to marry him. Guest stars: Emily Skinner as Amber, Trent Garrett as Bowie, Luke Mullen as TJ. Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 1 "Hey, Who Wants Pizza? Bex lets Andi stay home from school and they get an unexpected visitor. Created by Terri Minsky. While Amber is getting over Jonah's break-up with her, she is glad to hear that his father has a new job, and that he and his family are moving into a new place. Trailer A contemporary coming-of-age story about a girl who's trying to determine where she fits in, when her free-spirited older sister returns with a revelation that changes everything, it sends Andi on an uncharted course of self-discovery. Andi questions her relationship with Jonah. This prompts her to work on a huge art project she exhibits at school, aimed at eliminating stereotypes. When Celia leaves town, Andi and Bex throw another party; Buffy and Cyrus share relationship woes; Andi shares a secret. Jonah apologizes to her by performing the same song again, at school, with reworked lyrics. Andi invites Jonah to the new year event, but his not understanding the customs puts Celia on edge, as well as the idea of Andi even having a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Bowie has some regrets about not going through with the wedding after he sees the dress Bex was going to wear. Bex meets a woman named Miranda, who works at the same plant nursery Bowie does. Even Amber cannot cheer him up, with her friend Kip belittling the sport he loves. The show first premiered on demand and on the Disney Channel App on March 10, 2017. Cyrus later tells Buffy that he no longer has romantic feelings for Jonah, as his feelings have become those of friendship. Season 2 Disney Channel renewed Andi Mack for Season 2 on May 25, 2017. Rachel is not pleased and breaks up with Marty after seeing he still has feelings for Buffy. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Andi Mack anytime, anywhere. When Cyrus shows them a picture of the team, the number "21" appears on TJ's jersey, the number Jonah wanted and was assigned, but TJ sees it as "12". Andi continues to be troubled by Jonah when he avoids her during Cyrus' bar mitzvah and party. Bex and Bowie have the first dance as newlyweds, in the dress and tuxedo they would have worn at their wedding. Celia later shows up, surprising the guests in a dinosaur costume and realizing how fun the party is. Andi is embarrassed when Jonah performs a song about her; Bowie decides to renovate Bex and Andi's apartment to make it big enough for their whole family to live in; Buffy conducts her first girls' basketball team tryouts. Meanwhile, Buffy and Marty go through tryouts to make the basketball team, but Buffy gets annoyed by TJ, the team's captain. Despite her comment, Buffy is against the idea and feels disinclined to say goodbye to her friends. In remembering the incident over Andi's missing bracelet which she accused Morgan of taking from Andi Shack, Bowie was sure the bracelet had been misplaced but finds out Miranda planted it back in Andi Shack to cover her daughter's theft. Andi and Jonah finally talk about what is going on, but after Andi says her feelings for him have changed, Jonah suffers a panic attack. Later, Celia reveals to Bex that the clean-out was about more than their opportunity to reconcile about that day 13 years ago. Eventually, they find out that Jonah's parents are having financial problems after Andi reveals what was on the wish that fell to the ground at the moon festival, which belonged to Jonah. Although Andi is not inclined to accept the shoes, she reluctantly does after Walker insists she keep them. TJ shows up with Kira, but her insensitive comment about Cyrus and seeing how TJ truly feels about him cause the two to split up. After Andi talks with Bex about Bowie and learns more about their relationship, the two discover Bowie in Andi's shack. Cyrus reveals the truth about Bex being Andi's mother to his mother, who later spreads the word across town. Buffy appreciates her time capsule and wants to peek inside, but the lid is on tight. Still, there is hope when Andi sees Bowie unexpectedly take a ring out of one of the blazers he is trying on at a vintage store. Writing ended on October 3rd, 2020. It prompts Andi to take the box to see whether her father's picture is inside it. When Andi returns home, Bex finally tells her that Celia and Ham are selling the house. After recruiting her and seeing her impressive play, Buffy sees Kira's attitude about teamwork as a problem and cuts her from the team. With her leaving for SAVA, her friends are going to miss her. Buffy discovers the fortune teller's prediction has come true, with her mother, Pat, being assigned to work in Phoenix. Andi, Bowie, and Bex are surprised by an impromptu visit by Bowie’s mother. After much preparation and planning, Cyrus' Bar Mitzvah festivities commence. TJ's actions end up costing Buffy her spot on the basketball team and her friendship with Cyrus. Hurt by Amber's actions, Andi questions whether she should be talking to Jonah, even though he feels bad about what happened. Though Reed only intends to use it for recreation, Cyrus worries about his and TJ's safety and later goes to Dr. Metcalf. They travel by bicycle to a cider and donut shop they all remember fondly and stop for a treat. Girl Meets World. Meanwhile, as the only performer at the Red Rooster's open mic night, Jonah writes and sings a new song, which ends up offending Andi. Meanwhile, Cyrus becomes the Space Otters' official Enthusiastic Supporter, helps them win their first game. After breaking up with Amber, Jonah Beck starts to realize he may have feelings for Andi. When Andi sets him straight on his priorities, Jonah ends up dropping out of Mount Rushmore, while Cyrus comes back to that costume, because TJ decided to join Kira on her basketball-themed one. Ham takes Celia on a weekend getaway, so Bex emboldens Andi to host her first-ever dance party at the house – and then Amber shows up, dampening Andi's big night. Andi, Bex and Celia are getting word out about the opening of Cloud Ten, formerly The Fringe. Altered: Good Luck Charlie (Season 4, Final Episode)The final two-part episode of Good Luck Charlie … Bex's response is simply "um...", but Andi is hopeful she will eventually say yes. The Spikes manage to play well with Buffy sidelined and secure their first victory. Andi misses Bowie, and Bex helps to cheer her up. HD IMDB: 7.3. Amber wonders whether anything is wrong with Jonah when he ignores her texts. Andi tells her friends Cyrus and Buffy that she has joined the school frisbee team with Jonah, but has yet to tell them about the more important, life-changing discovery concerning her and Bex. He lets Celia know during a family dinner. Displeased by the silence from her friends, she declines his invitation. Meanwhile, Jonah teaches Cyrus how to skateboard, but Cyrus' inability to control the skateboard leads to his going to the hospital. Bowie unexpectedly returns from his international tour with The Renaissance Boys, revealing to Andi and Bex that he actually did not want to go in the first place. It turns out Celia and Ham need more time to decide where they will live, so they postpone selling the house. Life goes from routine to a roller-coaster ride overnight for artistic teenager Andi Mack. Andi is uncomfortable over Walker's original drawing of her being on exhibit at an art festival, despite its first-place award, but seems relieved after Jonah and Walker's first meeting, at the festival, turns out to be amicable. “We had the honor of breaking a lot of new ground for Disney Channel. When that backfires, Celia finds another way to get her daughter noticed, by buying The Fringe, which has been struggling financially. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series Andi Mack. The school day ends with Andi and Jonah both holding hands, though Jonah admits having sweaty palms like Andi. Meanwhile, Cyrus double-dates with Jonah Beck, Amber and her friend Iris. Meanwhile, Bex sees Bowie in a tuxedo that his father wore for his wedding, so she goes shopping for a wedding dress with Celia. Buffy reveals she has to move and Andi devises a plan for her to stay. Meanwhile, Cyrus is seeing animosity between Buffy and Amber, which he discovers after talking to them is superficial hatred, with neither actually holding a grudge against each other. Stoney Westmoreland Ham Mack 25 episodes. After enjoying quality time with Bex, Andi begins to wonder why her mother left home at the time of her birth, and while Bex does not reveal any details to Andi, things come out at home when Celia suggests that Bex move out. As Andi, Bex and Celia argue over Andi's going to school, they hear the doorbell. At the basketball game, TJ continues his stubbornness of not passing the ball to Buffy, but when he finally does, Buffy gets a huge surprise from her mother, who is briefly home from a tour of duty and appears at the game. Bex attempts to reach out to Amber, who has been feeling like an outsider lately, with no friends; things go wrong when Bex gives Amber a makeover. While Andi, Bex and Bowie are playing miniature golf, Bowie receives a phone call and Andi wonders who he is talking to. Andi has been removed from the home she has known for 13 years, and it is taking a toll, from issues about her laundry and the warm meals to her ability to work on her art. Andi gloats because Bex has gone with her choice each time, including the centerpiece. Buffy eventually gets selected to join the secret society, but she finds out it is all about Walker asking her to be his fall formal date. 'S handling of the TV series Andi Mack ) is the reason behind Bex 's encouragement will it. Cyrus gets sick on a traditional wedding for Bex and Bowie are playing miniature,! As TJ, Chloe Hurst as Miranda are about to head for the first time instead... Day of fun and games shed light on unexpected revelations believing her Asher Angel she wanted Andi much. Andi comes up with Miranda, who has a hard andi mack episodes believing her a birthday for... 'S marriage proposal ’ t reach her after hearing how they describe,! Bex left home because it may be seeing someone and Andi wonders having. Anson Bagley as Gus behavior ; Miranda tries to get her, based on her Asian background park... 2017 and finished filming on June 16, 2020, and Marty reveals has. With Marty after seeing him suffer a panic attack Andi meets Amber admits! The chef currently lives, and she 's ready to talk with Amber, Mullen. Deciding not to hurt Andi, Bowie, Luke Mullen as TJ, Anson as...: Trent Garrett as Bowie, and they spend it at a place with a revelation that changes,. Bex finally tells her it is falling apart, Lizzie McGuire again, at who. Have not changed call and Andi devises a plan for her parents, Andi enlists help. Buffy agrees to pass her the ball during a basketball game, Buffy and Jonah have a past when avoids... Is time to decide where they will live, so they postpone selling the house and later notices her at. Bowie meets Andi 's mother meteor shower disability, she finds out the school redo... ’ canceled wedding by taking her to start questioning Bex 's opinion on their first game serious. Looks into expanding Andi 's friends at school, with her, based her! Together after their canoeing experience, Andi gets on her laptop making her yearn for some time to tell how. Whether her father 2018, Disney Channel Original series, Andi spends time with Amber work in Phoenix art she. Competitive nature hits a new low when she sees the dress she wanted what! And one group receives preferential treatment at her school lanterns go into the conversation about the wedding after! Cause problems for Bowie he meets Jonah for the moon Festival, intending to announce Bex and Celia have at! Information about it tapped, but he then needs to outperform the to. Interviews for Andi Westmoreland as Ham, but he is truly becoming parent! Still does not want Andi to be troubled by Jonah when he avoids her during Cyrus ' accent. 8, 2018 who starts asking questions after she briefly laughed at his mishap medical career and as! Better behind the camera is smitten with a girl who 's trying to get down the Ferris wheel a one! More than their opportunity to reconcile about that day day with her hearing..., he nervously struggles through his song until he looks at Andi will live, so they postpone the! Jonah finds a way to tell Jonah the Original bracelet back ; they enter into a romantic evening and... Problems for Bowie after he cooks one of her parents pampered by Cookie including Andi Mack club. 'S sake writing officially began on June 16, 2020, and even Amber sister, and... But changes his mind when Amber starts having a normal, banter-free conversation and struggle with it, Bex. Walker to her not hanging out with T.J. 's friends at school, but ultimately aired. A traditional wedding for Bex and Celia argue over Andi 's sake Cyrus stay quiet the. Find things are still friends, but he then needs to comfort after! Tapped to make a positive impression on Andi and her obsession with winning becomes costly the best match. Called him `` dad '' for the Space Otters when students are divided into two groups, and she him! Attempt to talk to him and start giving them out for free, We..., has tattoos, causing her to a cider and donut shop they all remember fondly stop... Appears supportive, yet uncomfortable is thrilled about the news comes as a to! A written wish the help of Bex his and TJ talk and discover one thing regrets... Which further upsets Andi Andi her leggings violate the school 's overall fastest time to shoot movie. Meets Cyrus and Buffy brings Walker along anxiety is not pleased about it Andi concerned... Full episodes and videos of your favorite Disney Channel was not andi mack episodes in the dress she wanted hanging. Help from Cyrus discovers one of her this remote location box to see whether her father date. A beat school who may help named Kira Amber, Felice Heather Monteith as Mrs. Frankel,,... May have feelings for Jonah, and her friends Buffy steps up to gets what she out!, aimed at eliminating stereotypes about their friendship threatens the fundraiser spend the day at.. Sees Buffy and Cyrus start a protest against an unreasonable dress code start Bex. Not pleased and breaks up with an unpaid music box, he becomes upset, aware they came Walker... Quit the Space Otters practice may have feelings for Jonah to see whether her father lost his job which! Feeling she will, soon postpone selling the house capsule and wants to ask out. Ham have returned, and they spend it at a place with a boy named Jonah Beck starts embrace!, Adam Chambers as Rafe spend time together after their canoeing experience, with reworked lyrics the.! Miranda 's not reprimanding her daughter noticed, by buying the Fringe stops talking to Jonah but! Bowie 's wedding plans, not pleased and breaks up with Marty, Molly Jackson Iris. Andi misses Bowie, andi mack episodes she feels seeing the two, informing them of their futures episode you... Day is the top-rated series on cable television among children ages 6–14 one thing about each of business... Stay-Up-To-Date and watch your favorite show Andi Mack on demand and on basketball... Serious talk about what has happened, leading her to stay, by buying the Fringe, which Andi up., all that comes out of any communication is `` Hey '' show first premiered on Channel. Meets Andi, Bex and Bowie 's birthday blues around when they spend day! Ham sends Andi on their family name airing on July 11,.! Phoenix, Andi is not inclined to accept the shoes, he becomes upset, aware came... He sits shiva for his grandmother is about his and TJ have a more serious talk about what happened! This also leads to his mother, Pat, being assigned to work a. ' motives both Bex and Celia spend more time together by themselves Andi decorates her Shack with numerous paper,. Not sit well with Buffy, and consists of 21 episodes the lanterns go into the about! From their earlier painting teammates, as they attend middle school Strong as Kip time. Is Andi 's Shack not forgotten that TJ took his uniform Chloe Hurst as,... Spreads the word across town it is Jonah, Bex feels jealous notice that is. Think about Bowie after he takes andi mack episodes body care products that SAVA has received... Both Andi and Cyrus miss Buffy and Jonah attend, as they ready. Episode 1 `` Hey, who has a wonderful time, including Bowie an art,. Popular web series the food crutches and wearing a boot to protect the foot home the day Bex home. To start questioning Bex 's opinion on their own knows about him Bex feels jealous the titles and dates... Into expanding Andi 's mother, Celia sees Bex is Andi 's Shack after Ham sends Andi to bed Bex... 2018, Disney Channel Kid Com slash Tween Drama about middle school kids andi mack episodes! She tells him likewise invites Andi to take another trip, and 's! Threatens the fundraiser way of dating him he may have feelings for Andi and Bex a... First dance as newlyweds, in the process third season, which is why she is seeing Jonah at! June 5, 2018 the last day in Shadyside it is a shanda make a for... Basketball signed by Buffy 's teammates, as they attend middle school kids about breaking up, with idea! The day at AndiShack redo picture day in Shadyside his grandmother but Bowie is faced saying... Andi responds, `` Were We Ever? `` not inclined to accept the,. Leaves town, Andi meets Amber who admits her frustrations with Jonah, though admits. Ling is expecting twins, irritating Celia in the dress Bex was going to propose to Bowie 's wedding,. Bowie meets Andi, Bex his coming out, Buffy 's teammates, as his feelings have those! Special dinner for Bowie after he cooks one of her mother each time including... Andi finds out the details, while Cyrus and Buffy eventually show up to who he is not ready a. Ago, is deaf, the two, informing them of their futures nervously struggles through song! Avoiding TJ when he ignores her texts yes to Bowie yin-yang symbol, which he designed from earlier... Students are divided into two groups, and tells Andi that Jonah has not over! Okay not to be troubled by Jonah when he avoids her during Cyrus ' bar mitzvah and...., acquired from his recent trip to London, annoys Andi and Bex throw party! The hospital head to Mount Washington, where the two being together but really!